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Meeting a Milf – The Story


I couldn’t consider my eyes off her and my cock started growing within my sweats and that i could see Anne noticing. I had been just starting to feel embarrassed and not certain what things to do next when Anne solved everything for me. She reached out and set her hand on my cock and said, “What’s this Steven”? I used to be speechless, somehow I’d always had it in my own mind I would be seducing her but here she was coming unto me. Anne stored rubbing me and said “it looks like I absolutely have to massage this section of your body baby”. With that she pulled on my sweats exposing my hard penis.

Meeing a Milf – The Story

1 night when my dad was away and Anne was cooking supper for me personally, she leaned completely over to clean-up something around the floor, and, my dad not being there, I leapt in the opportunity to take in that wonderful rump. Anne’s wonderful behind was a foot from my face! I instantly became difficult, and couldn’t consider how great she appeared. Anne looked to recognize this and righted herself and pulled at her limited panties a bit ( I think she had a wedgie). She flushed a little and checked out me with her eyes wide, knowing what I should be believing. She then smiled at me and giggled, then, definitely embarrassed, went to place her young boy to bed. That night Anne came into my room with a few laundry as well as a bright, enthusiastic look in her eyes. She was like a small girl and that i noticed she should have removed her bra and sat on the right or left side of the bed giggling and playing. I understood if I was ever going to get her I needed to make my shift tonight.

Meeing a Milf – The Story

My dad went away on business trips fairly frequently, and I think my step mom was becoming somewhat alone. Together with the new baby and all I knew their sex life had tapered off. My chamber was right beside theirs and in the middle of night I’d hear my father fucking Anne. I would set a glass around the wall and pay attention to her luscious moan and jack off thinking about her in my mattress. Recently I hadn’t head them.
Anne was the kind of woman whose body was right with womanhood. When she walked by me my body was just tingling with delight and that i understood she felt it. She consistently smiled or seemed to do something hot to tease me. She started paying increasingly more focus to me when father was away and I was happy to reciprocate.

Meeing a Milf – The Story

When Anne was down-stairs speaking to the phone with that sweet alluring voice, I’d find myself in the bedroom soaking up the aroma of her bras and panties, listening to her voice and envisioning how it might sound beneath the covers together with her smooth, voluptuous thighs on me. Sometimes in the morning when she thought I had been asleep she had walk by my chamber and I got the enjoyment of viewing her full-figure; her infant-white skin and those cute little feet thumping softly around the wooden flooring. Having the baby many years before certainly hadn’t shift Anne’s hips and butt. Her bottom stuck-up closely against her panties like the16 year old girls I flirt with at school. I suppose it is simply nature’s way of allowing you to understand that she’s still ripe with fertility.

Meeing a Milf – The Story

It began when she had come in to my chamber during the night and give me straight back massages. Her smooth hands felt like paradise against me, and I could swear that she was attempting to be sexy with them, understanding that she turned me on. “Unwind, Steven. You’re therefore anxious,” she would say. Her boobs are maybe her best attribute.

My teen sister was never anywhere near as amazing as my step mother. She became envious of the focus and knew this my father and I gave to this mature woman. She is slight, yet her breasts and hips are round and full with that beautifully tender skin and softness.

Meeing a Milf – The Story

Anne nonetheless has an amazing body, though now in her early 40s. She brought with her from Nys when she leans over her behind is shapely and restricted against the limited black pants. Occasionally in the dinner table she would bend over and I couldn’t help but look over at these round hips. Anne soon became pregnant had a baby with my dad after she arrived. My dad liked to speak about how precisely he was sure she became pregnant on their very first try – and I consider it – you could inform she was flushed and plumb with fertility. But that didn’t alter a thing. She was nonetheless as shapely (and I’m confident just as fertile) as actually and progressively I found myself fantasizing about her.

Meeting a Milf – The Story

My Stepmom arrived on the scene several years back from the East Coast. I understood my dad was going to be a joyful man from then on, and you will be certain he was. Annette was her first name, but she passed Anne. She tried quite difficult to be approved by my sister and me. I recall fondly when I used to play basketball with her; my waistline brushing against her behind and her girlish smile, as she would score the occasional hoop on me. It was simple for me personally to tolerate Anne. She was not really like a mom more like a breath of fresh air in the house. An intoxicating smell for a 18-year old freshmen who was consistently wanking away looking to fulfill what appear like and insatiable lust for sex.

Sey Movie Milfs Part 6

So at one point she is struggling with her big breast.. Eh I mean struggling to raise her children, all the while battling the forces of conglomerates and business peeps. Well if you can do that then you deserve an Oscar right?
Next one in line is Anne Bancroft. She played in the Graduate as Mrs Robinson. Basically the original retro milf classic. She seduces a very young Dustin Hoffman. Thing is that when watching this movie there are multiple occasions where you are really thinking to yourself “oh my god I wish that only for once in my life and extremely sexy milf or cougar like this would use any of those lines on me”.
lines that make a man go instant hard when you get told by a hot MILF like her.
Ah the memories alone are enough lol

Sey Movie Milfs Part 5

And on to the next one.. Being Eddie Stall who starred in a History of Violence, played by Maria Bello. This is an surprisingly good movie from a comic book directed by Cronenberg.
The wife of Viggo Mortensen in this movie. And a sex scene is one that is still remembered until this day. The part where she get outs her cheerleader outfit from back in the day and puts that on. (hey it’s the movie’s so of course that shit will still fit!). And then proceeds for a steamy sexual scene.
Quikly on to Julia Roberts. Some say she is not that sexy and others say that she is truly sexy. Its all in the eye of the beholder. But you must remember that movie where Julia played a intelligent and very lovalble hooker? No that that one.. The one called Erin Brockovich, the one she won an Oscar for when she brings down an entire Power company in Cali when they fuck with the water supply.

Sey Movie Milfs Part 4

Next up one that everyone probably knows. The mother of Marty McFly, Lorraine. Played briliiantly by Lea Thompson.
Everyone probably had a crush on her back in the days of Back to the Future. She is cute and sexy at the same time. Love hungry for Marty made for a great movie. Funny things happen in the movie when Marty travels back in time and finds his own mother his age.. Being sexy as hell and fancying Marty.. All this feels a bit weird but damn she is still so  sexy that it really don’t matter to anyone.
She doesn’t get naked, doesn’nt do a soft sex scene and you see no skin.. All that don’t matter neither because she is jus still the epitome of being very cute and very sexy. Thank her for a great movie and a great view!

Sey Movie Milfs Part 3

Jany Seymour. Some say she is insatiably hot, desperate and very over-sexed playing a mother in Wedding Crashers.
I think that she is the epitomy of a MILF and she will always probably be a true MILF. A milf in real life and a milf in the movies.  In Wedding crashers she plays the role of Cat, short for Catherine and some might say Kitty Cat.
Angelina Jolie has got to be on every list with the word hot in I guess. She played a milf ehh a Mother in Beowulf and that is why we find her on this list. Of course she is playing a snake like creature sort of a demi-god who poops out a monster who terrorizes everyone in this motion-captured and fully animated movie.

Sey Movie Milfs Part 2

Natalie Portman is the next one on our hot movie milfs list. One of her role was Novalee Nation in where the heart is. Throughout that entire movies she plays a really sweet and light-hearted girl who is pregnant and gets left at Walmart. She leaves and stops living there and then she needs to find some love. She is a very graceful and sexy being and that is why she is definitely worth a mention or two.
She will be a realy life mom soon though so the question is how much more we will see of her.
will the youth still remember who she is?
At least the part in Star Wars will be wel remembered I guess.
Ellen page playing in Juno. Playing a teen actually, one that everyone would fall in love with in high school though. She is actually a milf hunter reversed. She is hunting the older men as a teen. She is chasing Jason Jailbate-man an older middle-aged guy.

Sey Movie Milfs


Milfs. They are omnipresent, meaning they are everywhere. On dating sites, in you local seven eleven, at your work, at your kids school and yes a lot of them can be found in the movies. So what are the sexiest movie milfs until present?

Lets start the list with Diane Lane. She is seriously still hot! She played superman’s mom and Connie a slutty wife in an Oscar nominated role in Unfaithful. So basically she has played two hot moms, talk about typecasting!
Must be funny to get an Oscar nomination for a movie about a woman who cheats on her husband and bangs a lot of other guys. Things that we imagine our girlfriends and wives be doing when we are gone right? The Jury probably has the famous stairwell scene in their memory, and who wouldn’t give her an Oscar for that?

Where to Meet Those So Called Milfs? 2

Well I’d like to tell you that is a weight of BS which most MILF dating sites strive to sell you. Fake profiles, fake everything. Therefore we decided to try out lots of different MILF dating sites just to find out which would really land us a date with a real-life MILF. We examined about 15 different websites, all free ones needless to say cause we aint paying for something if you could get it for free right?
Well to be honest from the 15 sites we examined we really just found 1 of those websites which was actually able enough to put us in contact with a real life MILF. And that site was http://www.milfhookup.net

Where to Meet Those So Called Milfs?

How? When

That is probably THE question which everybody is seeking an answer to.

You see them walking around in your neighborhood supermarket or seven eleven. Heck you may even see them in the office where you work. But, what would you do, how would you approach her. Shit how would you even understand that she is accessible and not only a real mother with a happy family life not interested in fucking younger men in the nastiest means by which you can think off.

Well sure you can find them on the internet, theres loads of sites that pretend to have real life MILFs ready and willing and likely right next door as they say!

Blonde, Busty and Fucked!

Oh my god just imagine being able to fuck the shit out of this hot blonde Milf! Standing there playing with her hair, looking naughty and sexy in her tight little dress with them nipples piercing through!
This extremely sexy, busty pornstart is Leigh Darby. A true sexy milf in any way of the word..
She comes into a shop here and has a few complaints. But instead of taking her complaints serious she ends up getting pounded seriously. She sucks some big hard cock, getting it all wet and hard and ready for insertion in her pretty pussy.
Leigh Darby gets pounded some more and ends up with a huge squirt fest…. Sexxxxxy Milf!

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Mils…more Milfs Please

Beautifull, sexy, volupteus, busty, blonde, milf…. All these things come to mind when you check out this photo.. Just another stunning, and I mean stunning mother i would like to fuck (mother I would like to devastate in this case).
Perfectly trained and tanned beach body with a set of perfect tits that just want to make you go and bury you face in them. Would love to see more of this hot blonde bimbo!

Rewarded Milf Smiles

This is probably the best way to see a MILF… Cumcoverd and smiling!
Well in all honesty this pic is just great.. It is oozing everything which makes a MILF sexy.
This seems to a latina MILF, judging by the hair and very volupteus body.
She just took a huge load all over her big perfect natural knockers.. She has that sex glow so big chance that she just got the pounding of her lifetime! Hence the big smile and cum covered tits!
Damn I love MILFs like this.. They just keep on smiling :)

Not Your Regular Traffic Cop

Ok so seriously if a traffic cop like this would be working around where I live I will be parking my car illegally on the daily!
This extremely hot MILF is Veronica and just as she is about to ticket some douche who parked his car wrongly he turns up. Veronica has a shitty day so the smoothtalking guy has no chance but to pay the fine which she want to claim right then and there!
But poor broke little Manuel aint got no money.. But he has friends with money so he invites her to his friends nearby house.
Ill let you guess the things that could be happening hext!

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Milfs Ready for Action

I just love seeing a naked MILF with tits like this and perky nipples that give away the fact that she is just thinking about cock and all the dirty, nasty, sexy things she can do with one. Good body and you can see she keeps fit, nice hand full of tits and medium long brunette hair. To bad we don't get to see enough of her ass because that could be really good as well!

All Kinds of Fantasy

Well this is the type of picture that puts a couple of male fantasies into one convenient picture!
A blonde MILF stunner on the right and a sexy cougar on the prowl on the left. Is cougar your game or MILF you game? Heck why the hell not take em both and go for the top fantasy, a THREESOME!
A threesome with a MILF and a cougar… Wow now that is something that has only a small chance or survival for the male as these two babes will absolutely fucking murder your dick in the bedroom.
Bouncing up and down like only true MILFs and cougars can do!

Milf Loves Cum on the Beach

Check out this hot blonde milf in the perfect idyllic vacation setting. The perfect sunny day with the perfect sexy blonde milf in heat. There is some serious oral going on in the water where her pussy gets licked and fingered. She gets out of the water and the camera man joins in and pulls his erect cock out. She starts sucking on both cocks while she gets licked and waits for the dudes to shoot their load on her face. She gets on her knees and she gets the full load of two guys in heat all over her face and the jizz dripps down on the sandy beach.

Business Woman Milf

This hot brunette MILF is a real businesswoman and has her toyboy boyfriend lying on the bed waiting for her to get home. He starts complaining about not being intimate enough lately and a true MILF won't accept a remark like that! She pulls his rock hard cock out and starts sucking like he's gonna ejaculate gold if she sucks hard enough! She gets his dick nice and hard and climbs on top of him to take all that man meat in her wet MILF pussy. They do 2 more positions before this sexy MILF says that she wants to be filled up by his hot cum. Which he does and he gives her a nice cream pie!

Russian Milf Loves Clit Play

Milfs are always sexy no matter where they are from! This hot MILF is from Russia and she is 44 years old.. But can you tell? Cause I sure as shit can't! This MILF is wel preserved and has a cute face, sexy long blonde hair and a BANGIN body! To bad I can't see more of her tits but her pussy looks really tight.. Yes Russian Milfs are also sexy as hell!!

Outdoors Tits Milf

Nothing wrong with some everyday tit flashing wouldn't you say so? Especially if its done by a really sexy MILF with black hair, a well trained body and a perfect set of tits. She loves flashing them whenever and wherever she can, as long as there is a camera on the spot to capture the moment. And share it with all of us of course cause that's what we want, right?

Sexy Indian Milf on Cam

MILFS are always sexy no matter where they come from. This sexy milf is from India and she loves tattoos and lots and lots of nasty sexxxx! You can catch her on webcam showing off her perfect body, nice sized tits and tight body. Notice the really sexy flower tattoo which always gives it something extra. Sexy tattooed MILFs, you have got to love them dont you?

Busty Ginger Milf

A busty Ginger? For real?? Yup we found one! Its like combining the best of multiple worlds. Redheads always being known for being fury in the sack and when you combine this with huge natural tits that you can play with all day and take in the fact that this is a MILF. You get something very special, can't imagine how crazy she would be in the sack, a young man would probably not survive her lol

Samantha and Angel

These two hot MILFS are Samantha Jolie and Angel Wicky and these two MILFs are true anal fetishists. The start off by playing together with a can of cream and a couple of dildos. They lick each others pussy and clit while they are working on the asshole with a dildo. The cream drips out of Angel's ass while Samantha licks everything nice and clean. They invite two off their guy friends with handily ready cocks to finish the job of fucking all the cream out of their asses. They start tearing their assess up in any possible way and cream flies everywhere and you can see these sluts getting off from this. He shoots his load over her pussy and ass and Angel licks all the cum clean off the cock.